Glitter Tattoos and Facepainting

We now offer glitter tattoos (that last up to a week) and facepainting.  Come by and check it out!

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We are so excited about our new classes that will be running all week and on the weekend.  We also also premiering our workshops for teens and adults in the coming weeks.  We will continue to run our children’s workshops on a rotating basis.


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This is Arnold!

This Arnold Hidaka after he finished building the 3D printer yesterday.  The next step is to start setting up the software and testing it.  It’s just a matter of days before M8KE becomes the only place in Queens where the general public can see and use this new technology!  3D printing was one of the inspirations to start this adventure, it’s hard to believe it’s really done!

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Our 3D Printer is Almost Done!

We’re building a 3D printer in the window of M8KE!  It’s a Makerbot Thing-o-Matic! Pretty soon we’ll be designing jewelry, lampshades and who knows what and inviting you to come and M8KE something 3D yourself.  Last Saturday the instructions said it was ready to plug in, but we are double and triple checking it first.  We have the rolls of plastic sitting next to it, ready to melt and counting down until completion!

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M8KE something for Dad!

Starting this weekend we will be offering special Father’s Day walk-in workshops.
Come on in and put your heart into something for the ol’ man!

May/June ::
M8KE something for Dad!
Two new projects: Mug and Necktie – both fashionable and functional.

Decorate them any way you like!
Inline image 2
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New Workshops and Classes

We have added two new walk-in workshops: ROBOT and CITY!  We now have 7 projects!

We are also forming art and technology CLASSES!

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We will running our first full length working on Sunday May 6 from 1-4pm.  We will be creating, as a group, a futuristic city model.  The participants will work together with instructors to create the design, build the models and add design elements.

Minimum age is 6, suggested age is 8 and up. The workshop is $50 for three hours.

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M8ke something for Mom!

We are so excited about our Mother’s Day projects! What could be nicer than m8king something for Mom (with a little help from us!)

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The Jetsons

Tomorrow is our first M8KE birthday party starring The Jetsons.  There will be flying cars and space age games.  A party like no other.

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We Are Open!

M8ke will now be open Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 12-6.  We are planning to hold outdoor events on Saturday evenings such as light-up LED kites and technology workshops on Saturday afternoons.

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